The O2 Utah Foundation is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to a greener Utah. Our mission is to clean our state's air, protect our public lands, and eliminate our contributions to climate change by developing visionary policy and then strategically organizing to implement that policy. 


David ran for Salt Lake City Mayor in 2019 on an aggressive environmental platform.

He realized two things:

1) Utah lacks specific policy in key areas like

air quality and climate change.

2) Campaign-style organizing could be effective at accomplishing policy goals if implemented


These two issues are what the

O2 Utah Foundation aims to address.

The O2 Utah Foundation was formed

at the end of 2020 by




First, with the development of a first-of-its-kind policy proposal to reduce pollution emissions—and carbon contributions—by 50% by 2030 along the Wasatch Front.

Next, it plans to enact the change that Utah desperately needs to claim its air and act on climate with year-round, campaign-style community organizing in the key districts to implement this policy.

We are an affiliate of O2 Utah, a 501(c)(4) who is stepping up to the plate on both sides of the aisle to ensure Utah legislators prioritize issues that impact us every day.

Air quality, public lands, renewable energy, you name it.

These issues have been sidestepped for far too long, and O2 Utah is

getting involved where it counts: elections.